Your infra project managed profitably

Infrafy helps to understand where do you stand daily with your costs and incomes, gives you more profitability

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Digital worksheets for Labor, Equipment and Material
  • Project tracking real time
  • Save approx. 4% through daily digital control of labour and equipment 
  • Save approx. 4% from automating payroll and site managers job of entering data

Project budget and analytics
  • Software will gather cost rows with income rows and all you have to do is enter todays volumes and go home
  • Daily overview helps to control and guard you profit

  • Software gives calendar-overview of equipment to everyone who needs to know the location of the fleet
  • Real time data collection helps to maintain Equipment park up to 20% more effectively

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Areas of construction we support

Road construction
Road maintenance


Daily overview of project costs and revenues

More detailed forecasts of cash flows. Daily recording of revenues thanks to known costs. Unit price statistics and locations of projects facilitate the preparation of future tenders. Weekly overview of total costs, revenues, and profits made on a day-by-day basis

How much you save with Infrafly

You save
*Yearly savings based on 1 workers 1 hour expense to company is 20 eur and gain 4%, also savings based on 25% of costs only for equipment in projects gives you 5% savings on equipment related work time collection.
Avarage 1h expense for labourer is 20 eur for company, savings from that yearly 4%
Equipment historical cost in projects is 25%, and out of that 5% yearly is saved
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Digital worksheets
Income and cost management
Equipment management
1-5 M €

<10 workers/equipment

Worksheet confirmation from distance Location based worksheet start and end position.

Make you invoicing faster with our system

Fast project cost and labor cost view for finance

Management of equipment utilization and maintenance information

Accurate calculation of machinery working time to save fuel, machinery, environment and be profitable

Materials and their use in projects




Worker 24€

Manager 112€

5-20 M €

<30 workers/equipment

Handling hour based subcontractors

Settings and permissions for every work role, group and business model

Selected period budget overview

Budget prognosis and used materials daily view

Management of data set related to technical repair

Equipment scheduling on a calendar (project coverage with machines and workforce, equipment utilization)

Project budget based and enterprise-wide price settings available

On-site training with site managers

Worker 28€

Manager 126€

20-500 M €

<1500 workers/equipment

all of the above + works connected to budgets, sites, specific equipment and material

Filtering according to units and projects

All of the above + Digital worksheets divided into cost groups and budget rows automatically

Automated revenue entry on a daily basis according to the incurred expenses and budget line items

Integrations with finance

All of the above+ Maintenance, fault message management, readings, refuelings, repairs and repair material management all in one place

Maintenance, fault message management, readings, refuelings, repairs and repair material management all in one place Integrations

All the above + integrations with warehouses

All of the above+ custom contact

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Rauno Kööp
Customer Success
+372 5561 2135
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